I hear this a lot, I can’t lose weight I’m always hungry. Girl I hear you 100% on this, me to!

Here’s the thing the reason any of us are overweight is that we eat more than our body requires for fuel. End of story😞

When you eat more than your body requires the extra will be stored as fat on your body and that’s just how our bodies are designed. The reason why I started this blog is because  I get a lot of questions about weight loss.

Yvette I just don’t understand how I’ve gained so much weight?

It all comes down to eating more than your body requires for fuel ⛽️ Don’t get me wrong there is definitely other scenarios such as thyroid, certain health conditions and even medications, but on the most part it’s because were eating more than we need.

I know for me personally when I really started to overcome my eating disorder physical hunger was really hard for me to identify. It’s crazy to think, but I had never ever felt the sensation of hunger because I never even let it travel through my body.

  • I ate at a certain time.
  • I ate when I was bored.
  • I ate when I was happy.

I just didn’t know how to listen to my body. Maybe you can relate?

But what I’ve learned is physical hunger is a sensation in your body it’s different than an emotion. This sensation starts in your body and travels up to your brain where an emotion starts in your brain and travels to your body. Such a difference I know that’s crazy right read that one again.

One of my mentors Brooke Castillo came up with a hunger scale that I think is so so valuable. The hunger scale goes from -10 which is starting to zero which is not hungry and then positive 10 which is stuffed to capacity like after Thanksgiving 🥘

The beginning of the hunger scale is -1
I started to use this hunger scale personally when I started implementing intermittent fasting. I’ve heard about all the benefits of it, but I could not get myself to go longer than three or four hours without snacking or eating. I mean seriously how could this be. Had food been such a part of my life that I could not go 10 or 12 hours without food? Yup!

Long story short I started to do an eight hour fast at night then it became 10 and now currently my first meal of the day starts at 3:30 am then I eat at 11 AM and then I eat at 5 pm and then I’m done for the day. Like done.. kitchen closed!

This has been an experiment for me to physically feel what hunger is like and to really eat when I’m hungry. I’ve been doing this for about a month and I can come up with three things that I’ve learned.

  1. There is no food that can fix an emotion. There are many reasons why I eat and many of them are not hunger☝️Food is not the answer
  2. If I only eat when I’m hungry and stop the minute I’m full then I am providing my body with the right amount of fuel. I haven’t had to use my fitnesspal and I lost 5 lbs and feel better than ever!
  3. I’ve definitely understood the difference between genuinely being hungry versus having a craving for certain food.

So these are the three things I’ve learned through the process I’ve been undergoing with intermittent fasting and I really think that working your hunger scale on a daily basis is a great way to get in tune with your body.

I used to be of the school of three meals and two snacks but what I realize for me personally is that my mind is absorbed and obsessed with food. when is my next meal? what am I going to eat on my next meal? oh my God I’m looking at the clock time to eat eat eat eat.

I want to be free of all that mental energy so I can use it for something more valuable like building a great business that impacts many women❤️ Those are my thoughts I love to use my body as an experiment for different principles out there and intermittent fasting is something I never ever thought I could do.

I have simply been obsessed with food my whole life and the idea of going long periods of time without food and experiencing hunger was just not an option. This is evidence that I can do hard things. I can be free from the obsession of food. I can use that mental energy for something more positive.

Beyond only eating when your hungry I always like to wrap up my blog posts with a quick exercise video to get you moving. It only takes a little to make a difference. Like fasting for 8 hours then 10 hours takes time going from 10 minutes to a 20 minute workout will take time too.

All you need for the 20 minute workout below is a chair. You don’t need to wear shoes this is going to work the lower body first then working our way up to the core then ending with a upper body exercise. This workout has a lot of ballot inspired movements. Get more workouts on my youtube channel.


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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