I want to talk to you guys about getting fit.

When I do a consultation with a new client I usually ask them what are their goals are. Most often than not I hear I just want to get fit.

But what does fit really mean?

Think about it, if I were to ask five different people today at ShopRite how to get fit. I would get five different answers

  • Zumba
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Spin
  • Swimming

A lot of times I ask women about their goals and they just say I just want to be thin, but thin does not mean fit.

  • You can be thin and have high body fat percentage
  • You can be thin and have weak bones…
  • You can be thin and have a slow metabolism due to lack of muscle

So what does it take to really be fit?

For me personally I think it all comes down to one thing, resistance training! Some of my favorite thing to use is exercise bands.

This video is me,  I am sharing my love for these babies! Also if you want to get yours here is 2 options. Get one of them or be like me and get a set of three.

Why this type of training?

Because when you add resistance training to your regimen you build muscle and the benefits of muscle are endless. Oh and if you need more evidence that strength training is the way to go walking to any gym in America today.

You will see the fittest women out on the gym floor lifting weights. #FACT

Oh yeah the benefits are amazing:

  • Faster metabolism because when you have more muscle you can eat more and burn more fat
  • Strong bones which means you are fighting off osteoporosis for women as we age this is key
  • Body shape because when you add muscle you can sculpt your body. For example you can add muscles to your shoulders and back to give you an appearance of a smaller waist.
  • Strength training alleviates stress. For me it’s 100% my antidepressant. Hands-down strongest anti-depressant on the market that’s proven to work every single time instantly!
  • Increases insulin sensitivity. When our hormones or working correctly we can use fat  for fuel.  Who doesn’t want that?
  • Makes you look young because we are all so concerned with staying young. We are using all kinds of injections Botox, Juvéderm, but here’s the truth the key to looking young is having a strong fit body. That’s a fact Jack️.

A solid resistance training routine will tone your legs, lift your buns, strengthen your core, and ultimately help you lose weight and feel amazing.

If you’re feeling stuck and ready to make a change do one of the following:

  • Reach out to me I would love to coach you and / or  train you
  • Join a program that will keep you accountable

The most important thing is to start your journey today!

Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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