So I figured with the holiday season coming up a lot of people ask me what’s the best fitness product for this or that. So I decided to write a blog about all my fave’s, my number one’s, my darling’s whatever you want to call it. These are just some of my favorite products. I use these to keep my fitness and nutrition on point. I also threw some extras in there as well.

1. Sharpie’s & Journal

OK this is not a fitness thing, but if you know me I only write in sharpie’s. So I’m going to say my one fitness tool is a sharpie and what I use it for:

  • Writing in journal
  • Program design
  • My thought download
  • My to do list

Writing in journal has been the number one tool to keep me on my game. I write about my thoughts because I know that fitness is not about exercise or nutrition as much as it is about mindset.

Remember journaling doesn’t have to be about your day or your thought it could be about your goals it could be about the top three things you’re going to accomplish for the day. Every day in my journal I write the top three things I will accomplish for the day in a sharpie. Get a great journal here to get started.

2. Home Equipment

The best pieces of home equipment that I use on the daily are

  1. Bench
  2. Set of dumbbells
  3. Booty band: I love these booty bands because they come in five different strength levels and a cute little bag that you can travel with. I love them for legs and use them at the gym or even when I travel. They are great for stretching, physical therapy and of course working the bootie. If you want to get yours here is 2 options. Get one of them or be like me and get a set of three. 

Do you want to learn how to use these bands? Here is a quick video where I show you how to use them 

These three items truly make a home gym possible

On another note if you want great at home workouts with all this equipment and learn how to use the equipment right just tune into to my YouTube channel for more than 500 at home workouts. Every workout is 30 minutes or less and every workout includes resistance cardio and core.

3. Sweet Sweat

I love to sweat.  All of you guys know I wear the hoodie and three shirts. I’m always bundled up, but nothing feels better on my skin then sweet sweat. This is a lotion that goes on super smooth and smells like coconut I absolutely love it. I love getting a great workout and feeling total sweat. This stuff rocks and smells great. Get some for yourself.

4. Shakeology

My favorite protein shake is Shakeology. I’ve been on this for five years and when something works I don’t switch it.  It Curbs my cravings for sugar. It feels like I’m eating a chocolate shake and it satisfies me 100% every time. Learn more about this drink and get yours to curb your cravings.

5 Pre-workout

So you guys know I’m a total full blown crack head and I love my pre-workout. I’m using two at the moment C4 and energized by Beach Body in lemonade.

6. Jump Rope

I Never liked it before, but I realize what a great cardio workout it is in such a short amount of time that I incorporate it as a warm-up or in between circuits of strength training. I always travel with a jump rope and always carry in my gym bag for a great warm up.  My favorite jump rope is a speed rope made of wire and I love it. It is super light and adjustable for any height. I’ve been able to learn many skills like double under’s it’s super light and I can travel with it which is a double score. Get your light weight jump rope.

7. Beats Headphones

I’ve had many and by far the best headphones ever are the Beats old-school over the ear headphones. I always put my headphones on and hoodie up when I’m working out.
️I have to get serious and I have to get focused. Get your focus now too.

8. Brooks Running Shoes

As you guys know I’m at Sneaker Head. Right now my favorite sneakers are brooks running shoes I’ve had many from Nikes to Adidas, but for right now these brooks running shoes are killing it. If you are picky on colors they got so many to choose from. Here is where you can check them out.

9 . No Cow Bars

These are my favorite. They are gluten and dairy free. I don’t eat gluten or dairy so to find a bar that tasted good was a challenge. I found these bad boys and order them in bulk! Just so you know peanut butter is my favorite! Get your cow bars fix too!

10. PB2

Yep any of you who really know me know that I order PB2 by the case. I just can’t get enough. I put it in my shakes. Sometimes I just eat it straight out of the jar in a cup with some water in it. OK not sometimes who am I kidding this is every single day it curbs my craving. You can get yours by the case to or just order 1 and try it.


OK guys so that’s it. I figured I would share these with you. I absolutely use all of these on a daily basis and they definitely help keep my mind right.

Just a heads up if  you use any of my links mentioned to purchase something it really  helps support my business.

Keeping it real
– Yvette Salva –


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