Start Here: What is Real Talk with Yvette?

This is my blog on mindset, fitness and nutrition.

❤Mindset is the cornerstone of this blog because everything truly starts in the mind and when we can get the mind to make the right choices about nutrition and exercise.

As a recovering addict and I mean an addict in everything food drugs and alcohol nothing worked for me until I was able to change my mind!
It all turned around for me when I invested time into training my mind. I am 100% committed to helping you achieve the results you want with your body, but trust me when you go through that process you will most likely build the drive, determination, and desire to take your whole life to a new level.

I believe wholeheartedly that you can accomplish anything you want! For me it started with fitness it literally saved my life. I started to gain confidence by following though on my word to myself and just pushing though that one extra rep. It gave me the confidence to believe I CAN DO HARD THINGS. Which by the way is my motto every single day.

Say it with me guys,  “I CAN DO HARD THINGS!” its simple and precise.

If you are ready to join the #Icandohardthings movement then I couldn’t be happier to give you the BEST information and motivation available today!

Just a word of caution I may throw some swears in there and my grammar may not be on point, but I promise to give you the best real advice I can give from my 35 years as a personal trainer, motivator and coach.

I wasn’t always the person to come to for advice on fitness, nutrition and mindset, read my story of addiction and recovery.  I went from rock bottom, struggling with addictions with food, drugs, and alcohol to TURNING IT ALL AROUND and empowering women to live a healthy life.