I can’t tell you how many times I have quit things in my life and I will tell you one thing I know for sure… Quitting is a habit and justifying quitting is a skill☝️

Let me give you an example… When I first tried to quit drinking… I went to AA meetings… Then after three weeks I thought to myself I’m good… I don’t need to go to these meetings anymore and so I quit… And I’m sure you can imagine what happened …everything was good for a while …I even had a few drinks …..nothing bad happened and before you know it six months later I was back to square one ☝️

Can you relate? Maybe you’ve been dieting your whole life starting a diet only to end up quitting a diet…
I know this is a common theme amongst many of my clients so I want to talk about it
What used to happen to me was I would make a commitment and then I would constantly quit… I would have follow through a few weeks then burn out… Sometimes I would even quit before I even started🤦‍♀️
Yep that’s what would happen to me… And I got really good at excuses… I had 1 million of them work ..time ..kids ..etc
And you know what I found out? it was a relief to quit … it was an excuse to let myself off the hook
I didn’t fail… Because I quit crazy right?
I used to think to myself but I don’t know how to NOT quit😳everything I’ve ever done in my life I started and quit but the answer to that is just plain bullshit !!!
See… What I really knew in the bottom of my heart was that…. not drinking is possible not over eating is possible ….not quitting is possible …what remains When I took out all my excuses was my emotions 😡 See… Until you get a hold of your emotions you will continue in the same loop with drinking… Dieting… or Any project you start.
When I really started delving into personal development what I learned was that we as human beings will always seek pleasure and avoid pain …..that’s how our brains are hardwired!
once I discovered that ….I was able to anticipate quitting… And set up a plan to not go through the same trap hole😮
I still struggle with this to this day but what I’ve learned is I need to manage my discomfort!
Managing discomfort instead of quitting is the answer☝️
I am very aware of how my mind is always trying to get me out of things now… What I have set up is the plan for that… I no longer accept excuses or justification(at least I try)
I am very aware of how my mind is always trying to get me out of things It’s crazy… Even today I had a doctors appointment… I totally didn’t feel like going 😟… I thought of every excuse in the book… But I just had to keep saying to myself
Get in the fucking car 🚗
And take yourself to the office just you get it done…
That’s how I have to operate sometimes with 20 different decisions in the day…
It truly is exhausting… But let me tell you it used to be 60 decisions a day
It’s literally like a muscle that just has to keep getting stronger🏋️‍♀️ The more you overcome the bullshit and excuses in your head the more you’re going to stop quitting … You’re going to stop quitting on yourself and you’re going to be able to meet bigger and bigger goals!
My take away from this is don’t give up… Start to be very aware of your thoughts…and practice NOT QUITTING ….
No better feeling in the world than having your own back❤️


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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