A lot of people ask me many questions about diet and I’m just gonna give you my overall opinion. Remember this is an opinion about weight loss and diets so here goes MY opinion…

Diet is just a way of eating!

Diets create awareness because you have to be paying attention to what you’re eating. This is why I am a huge fan of food journaling or tracking in some manner.  It just creates awareness.

  • Awareness of that extra chicken nugget you ate while cleaning the sink.
  • Awareness of the handful of M&Ms you reached for at the hair salon.
  • Awareness of the bread you ate before your meal.

It’s all those little things that add up. I personally don’t like the term diet. Reminds me of what my mama used to do when I was young. The grapefruit diet, the milk diet, the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet. Not a good time.

The term I like to use personally is food plan. Food plan/meal plan. Those terms just create a different emotion for me personally. We all have to eat, so we all need a food plan, but it’s not for a set period of time it’s for your life!

Personally I feel like diets create that start date end date mentality. That never works and what that creates is yo-yo dieting which really just ends up screwing up your metabolism
So I’m not a huge fan.

There’s two things that I do believe that work: Setting realistic guidelines and setting realistic intake goals.

For example if you’ve been eating 2800 calories a day, to go to 1000 calories is just too much of a jump it’s going to feel restrictive and it’s not going to be sustainable. This is why you see so many of the contestants from the biggest loser gain all the weight back
I believe in Chunking it down so if you started with 2400 try to get to 1800. If you’re at 1800 try to move to 1200. This is scalable and it allows for that small progression. That will allow you to sustain it over time.

I can’t tell you how many of my clients struggle with this. They’ve been on shakes, juice cleanses they’ve been on everything under the sun. Lose some weight for a period of time and then two years later come back bigger than they were before.

I can see how this happens. No one can sustain that great a change over time!
A lot of people say to me, but I eat so healthy I am the most overweight healthy person out there. When people ask me about that the answer is simple you got there one bite at a time.

Over eating is over eating and that simply means eating food that IS NOT fuel when you aren’t hungry and eating more then your body requires for fuel.

If you’re eating clean already. This comes down to probably portion size and if you’re not eating clean but not that much this comes down to processed foods! What I’ve discovered is that when you eat processed food your body can’t register these calories in the same way it does when you eat Whole Foods. It can’t give you an accurate sense of fullness or hunger. Sugar and flour create withdrawal symptoms in our body that we often mistake as hunger. Also processed food sugar and flour completely throw off hormones to tell us when we are hungry or full.

Just trying to eat a quarter cup of apple jacks. Doesn’t happen! Where are usually eating 4 to 5 servings so easy to eat six of those 100 cal pack muffins, but how many of us we actually eat 6 apples ?

I also can’t back up one diet for one person. We are all made up of different cells hormones and so many other factors what may work for me may not work for somebody else. For example I have clients who eat gluten free and have decided that this is not because of celiac disease but just because they feel better without the inflammation from gluten
I also have have clients who have tried keto and really prefer eating a low-carbohydrate /high fat diet.

So what’s my advice? Find a food plan that works for you. Diets never work YOU are the only thing that works!

So if you’re looking to change your mindset about over eating /dieting and food in general, please feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss different options within my coaching program. But here are some basics if you’re looking to lose weight

  • You really need to know your numbers. There’s three macros that you need to look out for fat protein and carbohydrate. You want to be eating a protein, a fat and a carbohydrate in every meal. You want to eat clean food from the earth and you want to eat in the right portion. For most women to lose weight it’s between 1200 and 1400 calories depending on their age and activity level.
  • Find a way to track those calories. Whether it’s a journal with pen and paper or an app on your phone. Personally I love my fitnesspal there are so many great advantages to using it on your phone.  The most important one being is that your phone is always with you so you’re not tallying at the end of the night. This is when it all goes to shit.
    The key with tracking is doing it as you’re eating it. This is where the big a-ha moments will happen. If you’re giving $1400 to spend during the day you need to track as you’re spending them. So by the end of the night you’re not like shit I haven’t eaten dinner and I only have 50 calories left. Most apps on your phone if you enter your weight and height.  They will give you the correct calorie requirement.
  • You want to move. As we age we lose metabolic tissue which is your muscle… So you want to have a strength training routine as well as a cardio routine… Cardio is going to keep your lungs and heart healthy and strong and adding muscle is going to keep your metabolism higher… but if you’re not exercising right now like I said start small a 20 minute walk four times a week would bring enough change if you’re sedentary.  If you’re already working out and not losing weight working out is not the issue. Food is what you really need to focus on. You could get yourself a set of dumbbells and do some simple workouts at home. Here is a quick bodyweight workout to get started if your going from couch to working out. 5 exercises in 5 minutes.

  • Drink your water. The golden rule is half your body weight in ounces. This is probably the hardest one for me personally. I don’t love water, but let me tell you when I drink my water my skin looks better my lips are less chapped. I have more energy and I’m not as hungry so get your water bottle and start guzzling! Personally my goal is 3 liters a day.
  • Get your sleep. This is a big one guys seven hours of sleep preferably eight. If you’re hormones are not balanced correctly because of lack of sleep. You will not lose weight So many women I know are eating in the right calorie range exercising and not losing weight the main factor there is sleep. Running on four hours of sleep and drinking coffee all day really just wreaks havoc on your hormones! So get to bed early.  This isn’t being selfish this is taking care of yourself

If this is too overwhelming for you right now. Start with one have it at a time. Click here for a great health tracker to put right on fridge to keep you accountable. I took all my nutrition clients to put this on their fridge list those five items and track them daily. We’re not looking for perfection here we’re looking for progress.


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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