Today I would like to share something real personal regarding choices. I had a deep conversation with my daughter in the car about it. Cardi B was playing on the radio and she was telling me how she was an ex stripper who goes out and puts business cards on the dancers cars at the bars and it reads, “If you’re ready to get out of this life call me, no judgement” I was like wow literally I got so choked up and emotional, WHY? because wow I could have used one of those cards!

Mary Rose told me this because she is aware of my purpose which is to help as many women as possible achieve their dreams though fitness. She was like mom thats kind of what you do with your clients. Get them out of a rut, I was like YES thats exactly what I do. Exercise saved my life and if I could pull myself out of the gutter maybe I can help someone else too.

Anyways this all ties into me being a dancer throughout my 20s and how basically drugs, alcohol, men and money stole my soul, literally took it right out of my body.  She asked why would you go into dancing you had a college degree, a good job in sales, and the answer was simple it was a choice. At the time I thought let me be a shot girl part time at this go go bar and see how it goes. I can make some extra cash and it will be like a night out. I’ll never forget it, I had never even been into a go go bar. The place was called Uncle Charlie’s. I went to the interview with a navy blue suit and 2 inch pumps. Yup.. I did… talk about naive. Hello Yvette….. news flash…. you are not interviewing for Merck!

Anyways that was the fork in the road that led me to a real dark place. A choice. But see I also made other choices like when I decided to get clean. That was a choice too.  I had been to 8 rehabs, 8 friggin rehabs, now thats a lot.  I never thought I could get clean, but if you keep plugging along and never give up things can and will change for you. Read my whole story of recovery.

See 2 different choices and 2 different consequences. I have learned and I tell my Mary Rose every choice has a consequence smoking, drinking, doing your homework, exercising, every choice.

Now I ask you.. What choices can you make today that will move the needle forward?

Maybe you need to choose to add something to your life (exercise, water, a trainer(me of course)  a therapist, a marriage counselor, friends etc) Maybe you need to eliminate something or someone out of your life (friends , alcohol, smoking , food, social media, netflix) Who knows?? Either way make a choice and then do it. Like nike says Just do it. Its time to choose baby.

Let me know if you need to make a choice I love hearing about it. I made a choice to get some butt glue and write this tonight and I am glad I did. Maybe I should have pole dancing classes I told Mary Rose I am the REAL Cardi B. Get to the back of the line bitch I was here before you were born!

Keeping it real
– Yvette Salva –


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