Hey guys
Here’s a story for you…
My client … who just had a baby came to me… She had gained 22 pounds and was feeling completely defeated… She had been running 4-5 times a week or doing the elliptical. Her body at first lost a few pounds but she was now at a plateau. Literally exercising and going no where… no change in her dress size and more importantly no change in her body fat. Sound familiar ?… I know I can totally relate.. because I too used to be of the school.. do a shit load of cardio in order to lose weight! Isn’t that we women do????? do cardio classes.. get on the elliptical or walk on the treadmill.
Ugh all of it so exhausting…
Anyways like I told.. her.. I am telling you.. If you want to lose body fat lift weights PERIOD!
My client in 6 months time was down 5 % in her body fat and down to a size 4 … better than pre pregnancy.
Boom .. boom and boom.

And check this out .. your weight may go down, stay the same or even go up a bit… but check this out.. your shape will change dramatically. I always ask my clients.. do you want to hit a number on the scale or do you want to be leaner, more athletic and able to fit in your clothes better? for most its no contest… I’ll take lean and fit over skinny any day! So read this sentence … and maybe read it twice…. If you’re anything like me.. you might need to actually read it three times.. haha!!!!!


So should you do cardio… I say yes…. ITs great for your heart and lungs… its also a great way to clear your head.. but as a strategy to lose weight I would say its mediocre.
Why? because sure if you restrict calories with food and do a ton of cardio.. sure you will lose weight.. but what kind of weight.. it could be body fat but it could be muscle .. the average bathroom scale doesn’t tell you that.

So what’s a girl do?
here are my best training tips for you..

1. train the whole body on non consecutive days.. three to four times a week.. or work the body in a split routine daily… that would mean. like chest triceps one day legs on another .. back and biceps on the next.. this way the working muscles get time to recover.

2. use compound multi joint exercises.. ( I love to do these with free weights)

3. Use a weight that is hard… 12- 15 reps of 3-4 sets

4. keep your rest time short

5. constantly challenge yourself with different weights and exercises.. examples of this are ladders, drop sets,, supersets. etc

Here are my top rules for fat loss

1. Get on the inbody scale every 8 weeks. Set a date you know you will get on so you have a deadline that will be coming up.. this will keep you in check. The inbody is an accurate way of seeing if what your doing is working..it will tell you your BMI.. fat percentage… Muscle mass etc body fat is a much better indicator of fitness that your weight

2.Notice how your clothes are fitting

3. true fitness is about performance.. I really drill this into my clients heads… focus on goals that are not deponent on just what the scale says… For example.. how many pushups on your feet do you want to get to How bout a pull up…
How bout a tricep pushup on your feet..
How bout tapping your knee when lunging
These are real indicators that you are becoming more strong and flexible and they are based on your effort..not hormones or water fluctuations that can really fuck your head up!

So that’s it my friends… If you need guidance in this area … reach out.. I would love to hook you up with a great program that will focus on your individual goals.. I am here for you:)

Here is a youtube video… its an upper body strength video to get you started.. easy stuff you can do at home so there are no excuses 🙂


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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