So probably one of the questions I get asked most often is Yvette how do you stay so motivated? And I just want you to know that it is all bullshit, motivation is bullshit, it’s like the wind it comes and goes.

I mean maybe you can relate. Have you ever gone on some exercise program and been super excited about it on Monday and by Thursday decided fuck it I’m done with this?
That’s pretty much the story of my life.

But after years and years of trying different things. I’ve come to the conclusion that discipline is a habit that must be structured into your life.

So I’m sure you’re wondering, Yvette so how do you structure it?

  1. Environment
  2. Stacking
  3. Calendaring it


This is a huge one! Whatever you want to change. You must change your environment so that you will be successful period! For example if you know you want to lose weight and you have a bottle of wine on your kitchen counter the possibility that at the end of a long day you will pick up that bottle of wine and pour yourself a few glasses is huge.

So what’s a girl to do? Get the wine off the counter and better yet don’t buy the wine at all.  Out of all the personal development and self mastery books I have read every single one states the same thing. Your environment must be set up for you to win.

Think about it when you go to a supermarket think about how they even place all the products. Everything at eye level sells double then that close to the floor. Everything at the end of the isles gets the most visibility and impulse buys happen as you’re waiting to put your groceries on that baby treadmill by the cashier🤦‍♀️.That’s all done for a reason so that you will buy more shit. So when it comes to setting up my home and work place for health I have strict rules…

  1. After I food shop I cut cook and prep: I never wait to put it in the fridge I know that if I put the vegetables at the bottom of the crisper they’ll still be there a week later and go bad
  2. I always display my fruit on the kitchen counter: Imagine a cookie jar or a fruit basket obviously if the cookies are not right in your face and the Apple is you’re more apt to choose the 🍎
  3. My elliptical is literally by my desk: I do my cardio in the morning first thing. I see the elliptical and it’s part of my routine it’s not in the basement in some corner collecting dust.
  4. I don’t buy alcohol in my home: There’s nobody coming over here. Stop bullshitting yourself because if it’s not here you won’t drink it☝🏽


So stacking is when you already have one habit that’s created and you add the new habit on top of it. The best way to do this is to track your habits. There are many different habit trackers out there. I found this Habit tracker calendar to be amazing because you can track daily, weekly, monthly habits in all areas of your life not just health and fitness.

For example I get up I eat my breakfast that’s a given it’s already habit getting on the elliptical is just a habit I stacked on to breakfast. For example when I did the 100 Burpee challenge every day for 20 days I committed to 100 Burpees.

I have tried many different methodologies, what I found was that the negotiating in my head was ridiculous if I waited till the afternoon or night time to do it. So I stacked the habit of eating breakfast with immediately doing the Burpee‘s✅☝🏽👍 And guess what else I did? I set up a mat in my office already on the floor rolled out ready to go so I soon as I was done with my breakfast I opened my office door and 💥 boom got right on the mat.

Another habit I’m stacking right now is reading 20 pages at night so what I do for that is I make sure my book is right by my night stand and after I brush my teeth I get into bed I circle 20 pages ahead of time and I read my book. Stacking the habit of brushing my teeth with the new habit of reading 20 pages and setting up the environment to have the book easily accessible is key for me not wimping out on it. See how this works!  Environment plus stacking they’re awesome together ❤️

Calendaring it

This is a big one too. Not as easy for me, but definitely something that works. So calendaring simply means that you write your new habit down with a specific time day and location.  If you want it to be front and center for you put it on your fridge. I love the concept of a dry eraser calendar that you can update weekly.

For example I will exercise at 5 AM in the basement at my home. This basically takes out all the guesswork from your plan. You have decided ahead of time that you were going to show up for yourself and you’ve taken out all negotiating. You know the negotiating we do with ourselves..

  • What YouTube exercise am I going to do?
  • Maybe I’ll exercise after lunch?
  • Maybe I’ll go for a walk it’s nice outside?
  • I’ll do double tomorrow I’m kind of tired..

No, if it’s on the calendar and it says 5 AM and it says basement and it says home that means at 4:55 you’re walking down the stairs there is no negotiating you already have your own back ahead of time! If it’s on the calendar it’s written in stone and it gets done you keep your word to yourself. Think about it you are where you are today because of the choices you’ve made. It’s much easier to seek comfort and say yeah I’ll start tomorrow I’ll do it later I’ll research it now instead of actually getting to it and doing the work.

See discomfort is the currency you have to pay to achieve whatever it is you want without discomfort you’re not going to get it. And here’s another thing you can’t google discomfort or suffering. You actually have to experience it. Think about it, you calendar your doctors appointments and show up right? Then why not calendar your food, why not calendar your exercise, why not calendar your journaling these are all tools that are going to help you stay healthy and fit. If you plan and decide them ahead of time it’s like you have your own back. Personally I calendar all my workouts. The time the location and even what workout I’m going to do, whether it be my legs,  back or triceps.

Need to take your planning even further read my 2 Planning Tips For You to To Truly Be Successful at Weight Loss

If you are not sure what workout to start with try this body weight workout. This 20 minute workout uses only bodyweight exercises to work your full body—both strength and cardio. All you need is a mat and your body weight and that it. We are going to hit it hard it’s a 20 minute AMRAP which means as many rounds as possible and we are going to do 5 different exercises.   If you need to modify it you will still get a amazing workout! Pencil it into your calendar and do it.  Get more great workouts on my youtube channel.

OK so that’s it my friends I wanted to share with you these valuable tools because honestly they have been a game changer for me. If you decide to go on a diet and you decide to just say “eat healthy” you have no specifics you have no plan you have no calendar it will work for a short period of time and then you will go back to the screw it, I don’t give a shit I’ll start next Monday attitude.

Trust me I’ve seen it time and time again with the same clients on the same roller coaster it never ever works and once you surrender to the fact that your way keeps getting you where you are.

You will be able to acknowledge that the change IS necessary TO move the needle

Get in your head start with a plan, calendar it, set up your environment for success and stack your habits.

Trust me all that energy will be worth the rewards❤️

Have a great day ladies if you’re interested in coaching to become accountable to your action plan I am here feel free to contact me via email and I will set up a discovery call with you to find out where you want to go and how we can get there.

It all starts with the mind! Change your mind change your life.


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –



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