So I wanted to share with you some lessons I learned about a book I’ve been reading… the
Book is called …can’t hurt me and it’s by one of my favorite people David Goggins… Basically the book explains his story about a real rough childhood and growing into a Navy seal. The Books main core concept is what are we capable of? I love that question… And he proves many theorists wrong …..that our potential is truly unlimited!
At the end of the chapter he has some kind of thought work or challenge for you to do… I love the homework so on one of the homework assignments it was to pick a challenge… Something that scares you and follow through and see how you feel
My challenge was :100 Burpee‘s for 20 days straight😆
Here are some Main lessons I learned through this experience
1. Just decide
I can’t decide shit… And that has been one of the main inhibitors in my life… This book is all about making a decision… Making a true decision means committing to achieving the result no matter what….. the hardest step in achieving anything is making the true commitment
The perfect example was day one I was completely motivated to do the 100 Burpee‘s by day eight I was so sore… By day nine I had had enough and by day 19 I was pumped and ready for more… That’s the cycle of any goal you put in front of yourself
I wanted to quit so many times😞
I’m sure you can relate… you go through this merry-go-round but if you are truly committed … matter what…. the flipside is true pride✅ Sometimes I literally had to say your life depends on it ☝️you have to commit to this no matter what.😮
Just saying that to myself made me think wow so many times as soon as it gets a little uncomfortable I quit… This time was different I was truly committed and just enjoying the idea that it is possible👍

2.Information is power when you take action
I consume a lot of information… Through podcasts…reading books… Attending seminars… But the truth is information is nothing unless you apply it!!!! I have set out many goals that I have not accomplished or not followed through on… Simply because I got bored… It no longer excited me… I didn’t feel like it… All that bullshit… You have to apply the knowledge… and then magic happens.

3.Repetition is the mother skill
There is no doubt that repetition is really how we learn something you can’t teach something to someone once… You can’t learn something once or do something just once if you feel like you’re going to be a master at it… You need to practice well and you need to practice correctly
Whatever you’re practicing right now you’re getting good at… If you practice quitting often ….you are getting good at quitting 😑 For example…. when I started doing the Burpee‘s I was jumping with my feet together… And this became really strenuous on my knees so I figured when I jump in and I jumped wide …. I was able to sustain my flow I also figured out my hand placement so that my shoulder would not get compromised…
I also figured out what Mat works best…. hands on a mat feet on the floor This came all with days of practice😁

4.The secret to success is learning how to use your pain and pleasure instead of having your pain and pleasure use you!
I literally started to associate pleasure with doing Burpee‘s and I actually wanted to do more by the end of my challenge I did 120 Burpee‘s ..I kept adding one Burpee a day because I wanted to show myself you can do just a little extra😉
If I had associated pain with doing this… It would have been a gruesome YUK!
So whatever you’re doing find a way to attach pleasure to your goals you want to accomplish❤️
So that’s it my friends… I’m moving forward with some new challenge… And I will have a blog about that… But hands-down the best question of the book is ……what Are you truly capable of? Losing 50 pounds… Starting your own business… Getting divorced… Running a marathon… Think about it… Anything is possible…
Love you ladies have a great week❤️❤️


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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