Besides making up creative workouts that I develop and use with clients the most important thing is to work mostly on peoples minds. Because you know what your mindset can completely sabotage your weight loss. So change your mind and you can change your life.

See it all comes down to changing your mind on the teensiest tiniest diversions you make all day long…

  • Make the decision to get up on time
  • Make the decision to pick up that drink or not
  • Make the decision to workout or blow it off
  • Make the decision to have the mocha latte or the coffee black
  • Make the decision to take the stairs or the elevator
  • Make the decision to follow through on your word to track your food or not
  • Make the decision to go to the store and prep your food instead of the decision to order Chinese

See how this all adds up to results?

Thats what I work with you as a client the mind. To get you the ability to change your decisions so you can get what you want. See when it comes to weight loss the biggest enemy is yourself. The mental battle is rough and I mean F***ing rough!

7 of the mental battles I hear most often…

1. Right Here, Right Now!

“I really want to lose 15 pounds in less than 2 weeks!” “Who has time to do it the right way? I want this weight gone now!” In all seriousness: how do you expect to lose the weight that has taken you months or years to gain in a matter of days? It’s going to take time!  It usually takes at least four weeks for you to notice small changes in your body and even up to eight weeks for your friends and family to notice these changes! Trust me, four weeks can fly by. Take your weight loss plan four weeks at a time!

2. I Need a Magic Pill

“Exercise or take a pill? Hmmm seems like an easy choice?” “I cure my colds with a pill, surely there has to be an easy solution for losing all of this weight!” Yes, with the fad diets out there you may be able to lose weight quickly, but at what cost? What’s the point of losing 10 pounds in a few days only to regain it and more in 2 weeks? This is the weight yo-yo phenomenon that literally screws up your metabolism and for what its simply not sustainable.

3. I Can’t Do It

“I’ve tried everything – it’s no use!” “I simply can’t do it. It’s way too hard for someone like me to do. I’ve always failed! There isn’t another excuse out there that will annoy me more than this nonsense. Simply put, you can honestly do anything you put your mind to! You see the people that lose weight and you wish you could be like them. Well guess what? They were exactly like you at one point – they simply took action and made changes in their lives. Stand up, take action, make health changes, and take your life back!

4. I’ll Start Next Week

“Since it’s already Wednesday I’ll splurge all week and then start on Monday! “Just 3 more cookies – it doesn’t matter anyways, I’m starting to watch my diet next week!” The bottom line: We’ve all used this one at one time or another –  But seriously, you need to start making changes today! Not even massive changes, just small changes that add up to healthy habits and big results. Drop those terrible excuses today. Today you can start learning, failing, overcoming, changing, and making a huge change in your life! I tell my clients they can start their day over at anytime its 8 pm and you screwed up who cares drink water.

Speaking of water, if you want to start tracking your water intake I recommend this smart water bottle which will glow to remind you to drink water, you can sync with smart phone to track just how much you drink each day.  See just press reset right now no matter what time of day!

5. I Don’t Know What To Do

“Nutrition and calorie deficits are hard. I have no idea what to do!” “What’s “HIIT session for that matter? I’ll just stick to the treadmill!” The bottom line: In the grand scheme of things, this excuse at face-value looks pretty valid. Maybe so before the explosion of the internet, but today there are literally hundreds of thousands of workouts you can view for free online – Find one that you think would be great for you, mimic the moves, and learn as you go – the same goes for nutrition. There is so much great information out there that can help you get started today! I actually have a video library on Youtube with over 500 videos and all levels can do them.

6. I’m Not Even Hungry, This Can’t Be Working

“The diet isn’t working if I’m not starving!” “I lost a few pounds on my 1750 calorie diet. If I drop it below 1000 calories a day, I’ll lose even more!” This is a pretty dangerous mentality that you must overcome. In reality, a small daily calorie deficit is all that you need to start losing weight, remember think SUSTAINABLE. Meaning you need to slightly burn more calories than you take in. Get this: a small 100 daily calorie deficit can lead to 36,500 fewer calories a year. This adds up to over 10 pounds worth of calories a year! Not only that, when you are on a severe calories restriction your body works against you in order to actually slow your weight loss down. So imagine you lose 10 pounds in a year by just cutting out something like your mocha latte habit and even better yet you burn 3500 cals a week in exercise.. I mean you can move mountains.

7. Go Hard Or Go Home

“They basically workout until they puke on the Biggest Loser – I should do the same!” “You aren’t doing it right if you aren’t in pain!”This common negative weight loss mentality occurs to most beginners – they try to mimic what they see on TV.  I literally had a client who is out of breath going up the stairs to the studio. She tells me she should just start running WHAT? The danger for beginners is that you have a relatively low exercise capacity, so pushing yourself so hard so early can potentially result in injury or quitting the program. Who in their right mind would want to stay on a program that not only made you so sore you couldn’t move for 3 days but also required you to puke each time? I’m definitely out on that program! Instead start slow and slowly increase your intensity as you increase your exercise capacity!

Seriously guys, the stuff we tell ourselves everyday is mind-boggling. We tell ourselves crap that we would never even tell anyone else to their face! What’s worse, as a trainer I see the amazing things everyone is capable of doing, but the only thing holding them back is their mindset! It’s not your job, it’s not your friends, it’s not even your finances – it’s your mind!

The potential that you have is staggering – just stand up, take action, and start moving forward. Not next month, not next week, not tomorrow, but today!

So let’s stop telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough. Let’s break free from this crappy mental baggage and see how far we really can go!

That is a wrap, if you need me for daily accountability on getting your mind right. I work via text, email and phone on my nutrition coaching program. Trust me its life changing if you follow though! Just send me a quick email to get started!

Keeping it real
– Yvette Salva –


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