So as many of you know I’ve been traveling with my daughter for 🏐 volleyball…it is an amazing sport but grueling! Literally 6 to 7 hours in a car ride to get to our destination …then 10 to 12 hours in some sort of convention center… Staying on track and eating healthy is no easy task But here’s the thing… It can be done and I always try and focus on solutions not excuses👍☝🏽
Many of my clients come back from travel whether it be business or vacation and say… But there was nothing I could do … I was traveling OK you can say that to yourself or you can really call a spade a spade ….I chose not to stay on track and I’m ready to come back 😊 the truth hurts but it’s always best to stay accountable and be honest👍 There is plenty that you can do while traveling and I’m going to explain to you just my exact day today.
I got up and went to the hotel gym first thing… What did they have ???? -one 10 pound dumbbell
-stationary bike
My first thought was fuck it… Let me go back upstairs there’s nothing I can do here.. and seriously one dumbbell what the fuck happened to the other one????
Then I caught myself…
Yvette …you’re better than that …you can have a killer workout 🏋️‍♀️ get creative and push harder than you’ve ever pushed
And guess what happened… I picked up a 10 pound dumbbell started doing single arm exercises ..Burpee‘s bodyweight lexercises and finished it off with a killer stationary cardio workout✅
It was really literally just changing my mindset ….I walked in there… I didn’t like what I saw ….I was about to walk away… But I said what I want right now is not what my future self wants
so suck it up buttercup and get to work☝🏽

Secondly I get to the convention center… Now I had packed a few snacks but not many… Literally all there is to eat there pizza burgers sandwiches and sugary coffee drinks😯
But that’s really not all there is to eat there… I had a Caesar salad without dressing and no croutons… I had an apple and a banana… And I got a huge Fiji water… Plenty to keep me satisfied throughout the day… Again I looked for solutions and not excuses and again I had to say to myself what you want right now is not what your future self wants😩

My God I think that should be a meme… Because trust me when I tell you those pretzels were looking good and so was the 🍕

Last but not least an eight hour car ride… No need to stop at Popeyes… Go to CVS get some beef jerky ..some rice cakes ..some water ..a banana and a protein bar
this will hold you over till you get home… It really comes down to just saying to yourself there a better option???
You know there is… So go out there and find it…

I hope this helps any traveling mommies who are doing cheerleading volleyball soccer Gymnastics or whatever the sport
I tip my hat off to you this is no joke…
This traveling sport thing
But honestly there’s no better feeling than being here with my daughter… Hugs and kisses


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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