So I created a fitness challenge for my Yvette Salva Fitness warriors for the first month of January. I love challenges and they are great to get you motivated, but this is about what’s going to keep you motivated. I always find with any challenges I’ve tried for myself personally and even for my clients by week 2 the notoriety wears off a bit and everything under the sun seems to derail the fitness journey.

Many times we self sabotage and other times life just throws us a curve ball which is all totally normal.

These are the common pitfalls I seem to find and here are some strategies to crush them


It can be work deadlines, sick kids whatever the case maybe. The one thing that will defeat stress and give it a good kick in the ass is exercise. Exercise will relieve endorphins and happy feeling like you can conquer the world.  Give yourself a good 20 minute workout and your whole attitude will change I promise.  Here is a quick Glute workout to get you started and of course go to my Youtube Channel for 100s of workouts to try.

Still don’t believe me you can totally make a difference with a short workout read a few of these other helpful tips I have shared…

Unrealistic Expectations

I see this all the time, people decide to start eating right and I think within three days they’re going to lose 5 pounds. Not going to happen especially if you’re a woman especially if you’re over 40. Just stick with it and trust the process, time takes time. I hate all those sayings but they’re true.

Over Training

A lot of people can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’s the truth! You come out like a ball of fire, but if you don’t plan and rest, you’re going to burn out and burn out quick. So just as important as you schedule to workouts is to schedule the rest days. Maybe stretch or go for a walk, but keep it simple.

Unexpected Circumstances

Your plan was to get up and work out, and you woke up to a sick kid. Things happen, but don’t let it throw you off the whole process.  Try and get it in later in the day or if not just focus on your nutrition plan. It’s not going to make or break you one day it’s just one day. Don’t give up.  Here is a great health tracker to put right on fridge to keep you accountable to your plan.

Negative Self Talk

Oh my God, I was so guilty of this. Most of my life actually.

  • You’re not pretty enough.
  • Nobody likes you.
  • Nothings ever worked in the past.
  • Forget it I’ll start tomorrow.

All that shit put it behind you. Be happy and grateful that you have a body that is working today. God makes no mistakes and created a beautiful human being. You’re exactly where you need to be. If your like me keep track of all your thoughts and plans in a journal.

As I walk up to my studio every morning I look to the right.  There is the grave site. I say thank you thank you thank you. I’m alive and I can focus on helping someone else today by being kind.

Thank you for giving me this body thank u that I don’t have cancer and thank you that I get to move today.


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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