I wanted to chat with y’all about protein. Protein is always a hot topic. Its kind of like the king of the castle of macros! It works to help us lose weight and build muscle now who doesn’t want that!

Fun fact our body is mostly comprised of body and protein. cool right?

So How Much Protein Do We Need and When Should We Eat It?

First off how much protein is really enough for us women? The minimum is .8 g per kilogram of body weight. Studies have proven to be the bare minimum. But what I find with most of my clients is that they may be eating enough protein, but just not at the right times.

Most of us tend to eat protein toward dinner time and breakfast is typically more carb rich. This is where the problem lies, and many of us don’t even eat breakfast.  GASP!

While researching this article I found that 40% of women don’t eat breakfast. So what gives and why should we be eating more protein in the morning you may ask? Well the main reason is that unlike fat and carbs the body has limited capacity to store excess protein from a single meal and use it to stimulate growth at a later time. So basically the chicken you ate for dinner tonight is probably not going to do much to grow your muscles at lunch tomorrow.

Crazy right? Fat and Carbs you can store and use for energy later. Also eating your protein at night won’t do much to curb your appetite throughout the day.

So why eat protein in the morning? I’ll tell you why because you basically have gone 10 hours without food and your muscles are catabolic which means they are not in growth mode. Protein at breakfast gives your muscles their first chance to rebuild. So I recommend 20 grams of protein if you’re younger and 30-40 grams  if you’re older. This will give your muscles the best chances to rebuild since these are the hi end doses of protein. Then make sure to write it all down and keep track of it in a journal.

Also eating your protein at a balance amount throughout the day maybe more beneficial not only for muscle repair, but for other reasons like blood sugar control and feeling full!

The Best Protein To Eat

So we know protein is important and we want to distribute it evenly though-out the day, but what kind of protein should we be eating? Great question the key is to eat complete proteins that provide all the essential amino acids! Foods like eggs fish beef chicken dairy and whey.

Another key thing I wanted to mention is that the one amino acid that is shown to be the star is leucine so look for food high in that.

What is Leucine? Glad you asked, so there are 20 amino acids and 9 are considered essential. This just means that we need to get them from food because the body just doesn’t make them. But here’s the deal out of those 9 amino acids three are called branch chain amino acids.. You might have heard this term before or seen workout drinks and powders called BCAA’s. One of those 3 is called Leucine. This one is the star of the show because its responsible for maintaining and building muscles. So you always want to make sure you are getting your complete proteins.

Foods high in Leucine are:

  • cottage cheese
  • chicken breast
  • ground beef
  • wild salmon
  • whole eggs
  • skim milk

So bottom line my friends eat your protein and eat a good 30 grams in the morning! Eat one palm sized portion of quality protein at each meal which is approximately 20-30 grams and eat more thought out the day than at night this is where your body can gain the most benefit.

I know there is so much information out there and it can get overwhelming. So I wanted an easy read on protein in layman’s terms for you to understand.

How about the exercise? If you want to pump up your game even more read


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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