Today I wanted to discuss with you fat adaptation.

When I really started to delve into nutrition I became a certified nutrition coach through Precision. This is a program that took me about one year of studying. From there I started my nutrition coaching business and this is where I really started to understand weight loss.

In this past year I have helped hundreds of women lose weight, but I will tell you this the one thing common denominator I found amongst all of them that did lose was

  • They started to balance their hormones
  • They started to become far adapted vs sugar adapted
  • They ate less often

See I used to be of the philosophy calories in versus calories out. Eat less move more, but what I have found through my own experience and that of many of my clients in this past year is that sometimes you could be eating 1200 calories and exercising and not lose weight.

Like WTF? This would really just blow my mind I could never understand it. Until I really started to study the body and hormones.

I’m going to put it in the simplest terms for you…

We all have a body, That needs energy but When we are sugar adopted We use glycogen for energy When we are fat adapted we use fat for energy

So question is: How can we use fat as our fuel source?

First let me give you a visual so you can understand it.  When you eat cereal in the morning for breakfast two or three hours later you’re starving. That’s because your body has used all the glucose for energy. When there’s no more glucose your body says give me food and that is because the hormone ghrelib gets fired up. Your screams I’m hungry… I’m hungry.. I’m hungry feed me now!

I heard this analogy and it really resonated with me. When your body needs fuel it has two options…

  1. It can get fuel from glycogen stores: I visualize this like  I need energy and I go to the refrigerator to get it.
  2. You can get fuel from fat stores: This is like going down the steps into the garage and opening up the freezer.

This visual really works for me. So if I’m constantly going to the fridge for energy I’m not losing weight, but if I’m going to the freezer for energy now I’m losing weight. See the body will always choose the path to least resistance much easier to go to the refrigerator then it is to go to the freezer, but if you’re looking to lose then we need to take that trip down the stairs into the garage and open up the freezer.

So how do we go to the freezer for energy. I have found that there are three things you need to do. Simple, but not easy

  • Stop eating sugar
  • Stop eating flour
  • Eat less often

This all comes down to one main hormone with fat loss which is insulin. If we are constantly snacking and our insulin levels are high then you never go to the freezer to use fat for energy. Likewise if we are always eating sugar and flour this also increases insulin and so we never get into the freezer to use our fat stores.

So how do we accomplish all of this?

Really I have to say it’s an individual plan. For me personally I removed flour when I decided to go gluten-free. That was step one for me. Then I started to go into the sugar. I started to remove equal, Splenda, etc.  It was not an easy process I definitely got headaches and I definitely was cranky, but here’s the thing.

Once you remove the sugar and you remove the flour it’s unbelievable you can seriously go for hours without food and you’re not even thinking about food because your body is actually “dining in”on your fat stores for fuel. You don’t get those sugar highs and then those crashes!

Crazy concept right! Now this is it for everybody and I just wanted to explain to you how Carmen‘s work.  I thought this analogy with the freezer and refrigerator was really really a great visual.  And easy to understand. If you’re looking to lose weight of course we have to exercise, we have to sleep , we have to stay hydrated, but you really want to look at what you’re eating as well as how much you’re eating because 100 cal pack of muffins is not the same as 100 calories of chicken.

Here are my top 10 rules when thinking about food which may give you some more inspiration to make this shift from refrigerator to the freezer.

Just wanted to leave some food for thought for you. This is not an easy transition, but it’s definitely worthwhile. If you need help with any of this feel free to reach out and we can go through it together in my nutrition coaching program.

Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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