Ok so I am going to start this out by saying.. Yes I was from the old school body building principle of … let me workout out each body part once or twice a week at most.
But what I have realized is  this … and this is for me personally.. it had prevented me from growing my glutes and legs the way I wanted. For me personally glutes have responded way … and I mean way way better with high frequency days.
Again this is for me… and my journey
Now there is one caveat.. holy shit .. did i just say caveat????
Well I did… ha! the trick is though… I don’t do heavy max days on my training plan 3 xs a week.. I switch it up
So what does my plan look like?
mon …legs heavy
tues … chest tri
wed.. back bi
thurs… shoulders glutes
Fri … cardio core… maybe full body.. something light or even rest.. depends how I feel
Sat… glutes and hammies
Sun.. bootcamp.. HIIT workout..
So that’s the deal Mc neil… this is not to the letter but a sample of what I do. Now you will see that for me… each of those 3 leg days are different
For example..
My 1st  leg day…
squats.. deadlifts.. walking lunges.. bulgarian split lunges.. smith leg press..leg ext..all with a lot of weight.. more rest and less reps
My  2nd leg/glute day
banded walks.. glute kick backs with cables.. single leg deadlifts with cables… donkey kicks.. hip thrusts .. not too heavy alot of reps… little rest
My 3rd leg day.
plymetrics with body weight exercises.. lots of bands… and lots of single leg cable exercises.. step ups.. lunges .. sliders etc..
This has been going on for the past 4-6 months and I have to tell you .. I am seeing differences!!! But here’s the thing… Legs 3 xs a week is not for everyone.. Some people need more recovery because they get so so sore.. and others just dont like it.
But for me personally its working..
So here are my best tips if you want to grow your glutes..
1. hi frequency glute training
2. use various exercises and equipment  and hold that last rep… HARD…
3. incorporate bands ( lateral band walks.. clams..hip thrust with band (the constant tension combined with high glute activation leads to growth!!!
4. add the old school stuff.. bridges.. donkey kicks fire hydrants etc.
In summary.. What I have found …..its all about finding the best exercises for your particular goals.
My goal.. is to grow my ass.. get it round and full
so I do three things… train alot… change up the exercises.. and change up the weight and reps each training day..
thats it… if you’re looking to grow the peach.. be patient..So many things are involved.. nutrition .. genetics.. recovery… we are all different.
Just wanted to share this w ya’ll because I get a lot of questions about booty gains lately
Happy gluting my friends. 🙂


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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