I am not even kidding you when I tell you that you could go to the supermarket pick out 10 items that you I think are “healthy” Which are pure garbage… I’m going to give you the marketing schemes food companies use to get you to buy their products .. so listen up and take 📝

Let me start by telling you this ….I was in the same boat is you… Until I went through my nutrition certification I was not familiar with some of these misleading phrases that I thought were totally on the up and up… It’s crazy but the USDA does not have a regulation on many of these phrases so I’m gonna go through them with you❤️😔

1. Light in sodium
This phrase can be easily confused with low sodium… A term that the FDA defines as containing 140 mg of sodium or less… But by using the term light in sodium that means the product has 50% or less of the sodium in the manufacturers REGULAR version…
So basically this item can be totally loaded with sodium just a little less loaded🧐
Example one of my clients who needs to be on a low sodium diet was telling me about this organic creamy tomato soup… The regular version has 750 mg of sodium per cup THE LIGHT VERSION has 380 mg per cup
What what what? Have that with a few saltines and you’re definitely not doing a low sodium diet☝🏽
That’s basically 20% of the maximum sodium you should have in a day🤬

2. Lightly sweetened
Oh my god this is the best the FDA has this definition for canned fruit ONLY but not for other foods
Really WTF?????
Yup for example… fiber one Honey clusters cereal says lightly sweetened it’s written right there on the top of the box but a single cup has 9 g of sugar… About 2 teaspoons
We’re only supposed to have 6-9 teaspoons of added sugars per day So you got a watch that shit!!!
They are also sneaky with this whole… Touch of honey bullshit … Or a touch of brown sugar… They say this on other products like quaker oatmeal squares cereal‘s
Get this… quaker oatmeal squares cereal with a hint of honey sounds pretty healthy right ???? 9 g of sugar per half cup but that is the same amount as in three-quarter cup serving of Kellogg’s special K chocolatey delight… But which one sounds more healthy??
See how shady and sneaky the stuff is!!!

3. Whole grain
What the what? Whole-grain foods can also have refined flour one example is cheese it whole-grain crackers these crackers contain whole wheat flour but also refined flour that leaves you with just 1 g of fiber per serving 8 g of fat and 250 mg of sodium… That’s crazy… If you want whole-grain look for words like 100% whole-grain on the package and check out the ingredient list… A whole grain flour should be the first ingredient if it’s truly whole-grain
And it should actually have no enriched flowers at all whatsoever!!!!

4 natural
This is my favorite one… This is so deceptive it should be illegal Let me give you an example… Dellmonte fruit natural snacks contain natural fruit such as peaches pears and cherries but they also contain artificial preservatives made from industrial chemicals like potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate!! There ain’t nothing natural about that shit🤔

I could go on and on… Literally labels that say no nitrates added… Or simply made… All of these are marketing techniques to keep you thinking you’re buying something healthy which is crap… The reason why we keep buying it is because it taste 😊 so good
The only thing that is simply made is food that doesn’t have a label on it… Or has 3 to 5 ingredients… For example pick up a tomato there’s no ingredient list pick up a baked potato no ingredient list… Pick up chicken no ingredient list these are the foods you want to start incorporating in your plan and removing anything that has A scan code
I know I know it’s such a bitch it works so good with my fitness pal😂

And let me finish by telling you this… I get asked all the time but you don’t you cheat? And yes I cheat every day….. I never ever feel deprived…. I have blueberries every day …I have bananas every day …I eat peanut butter every day …I eat chocolate protein shake every day… I am never deprived I just choose better options that keep me satisfied… Coming off sugar is hard but being addicted to sugar is even harder you can bear the consequences of being tired… Having an inflamed gut And just feeling lousy…
Who the fuck wants that ????
It’s worth it to go clean my friends❤️


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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