There’s a saying in AA which is “It works if you work it!”

I always used to think how corny is that: It works if you work it, but it really is the truth.

See, I always hear from my clients diets just don’t work for me! And I just want you to know that diets do work if you work them and you do them permanently. You can call it a food plan, a meal plan, a diet, but everything works and it works if you do it permanently.

Crazy right? So when people ask me for diet advice to lose weight I tell then this…

Find what works for YOU and it has to be sustainable and do that permanently.YIKES!!!

Think about it, how many people have gone on the Paleo Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Cabbage Diet, the Soup Diet. These diets work, but the chances of you doing them long-term are zero to none. But finding a food plan that works for you and for your lifestyle and doing it consistently is where magic happens!

Portion Control Great Place To Start

If you are struggling with portion control that may be a great place to start. I love these great cups that will help train your mind the right amount of each food group you are suppose to eat each meal. Get yours here.

Now On to Your Mindset

See your mindset has to change from going off the diet and on a diet to just living life and eating food for fuel with a few treats thrown in there if it doesn’t throw you off your game.
People say to me, I just don’t understand how you don’t have cookies or cake ever. The reason I don’t have cookies or cake ever is because experience has proven to me time and time again it never ends well. NEVER!

Sure some people can have these things in moderation but for me personally sugar and flour are like a drug they convert to a craving and craving leads me to eating nonstop. And then I’m living in the vicious cycle of dieting and not dieting. Restricting and binging and the prison of that nightmare in my brain!

Another message I want you to take home is while you’re finding the right food plan that works for you and staying on it permanently don’t be hating on yourself, because hating on yourself never works.

The hardest thing that I’ve had to learn while developing a food plan that works is dealing with negative emotions. For me food has always been a safe place to go, my friend, my lover, my relaxation tool… Pretty much everything!

Seeking pleasure in life with out altering my brain with sugar drugs or alcohol has really been a mind blowing roller coaster But all the work I put into it has been so worth it. There is no price tag on having good mental health! That’s truly why I enjoy coaching. It’s never about the diet it’s always about the brain and how our brains think.

When we figure out how we can control our emotions and our mind magic happens. It literally took me 37 years to figure this out, but it has been a game changer. As you know 18 years ago I decided to get sober, I was able to quit drugs and alcohol, but food is a whole different animal. Food we can’t quit we have to manage every day and that has truly been a struggle.

When I decided to give up my eating disorder for good. I just started to really delve into personal development and coaching! That for me is where the magic happens. Learning to be aware of my thoughts and knowing that I have the ability to change those thoughts.

If you really want to get your food in line. You really have to start focusing on your mind, your thoughts, and your actions.

If you need some more advice to get your mind right be sure to check out these other tips from me…

It all starts with awareness I am here if you ever are thinking that coaching is for you. I would love to work with you and help you with your journey. Send me a quick email and lets chat.


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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