Picture this: I’m in vegas… and I go to the bathroom. Yup like a total asshole I have to sit on the toilet and look at my phone..yup.. has it really come down to this… SO Then as you can imagine I stand up use toilet paper and place my phone on the toilet dispenser. Then I leave…FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!
Well I am sure you can guess where I am going with this .. I left that fucking phone in the barthroom… and guess what happened when I went to go get it.. GONE…
YUP thats when I say..Yvette you are such an ashole… here you are telling your daughter to get off your phone and you cant sit on the toilet for 2 seconds with out it.??? seriously like WTF!
So then of course w 3 days left to our vacation… I went to the AT&T store to get a new one…
Have you ever done that? gone to the store praying that you paid for that damn insurance but not sure if you did.
Well .. I had and I would have a new phone waiting for me… in THREE days but in NJ. NOT NOW… UGH….
Do you know I even considered getting a phone… for 700 because the thought of not having one for 3 days was THAT UNBEARABLE.. LIKE WTF???? Anyways I did not get a phone and was phone ess for the rest of my vacay. Anyways after that anxiety wore off .. I felt so fucking free… like for reals…. Has this ever happened and you feel so damn FREE.. I never realized how addicted I had beomce to the damn phone and social media. . I was present more on Facebook than I was in my own house. I was checking in on social more than I was with my close friends and family. My poor son was telling me.. mommy play with me and put your phone down.. ugh.. the guilt 🙁
So now I have clear rules about my phone and I stick to them… Off at 7 pm and not on again till after my morning workout.Period. Honestly what I realized are so many things… but here are the ones that really stand out..
SPEND REAL TIME WITH REAL PEOPLE.(EMOJIS AND TEXTS DONT COUNT) I need to spend more time developing relationships in real time and with real people. I actually started checking in on my friends .. with a real phone call .. imagine that! I actually had a client who was sick and checked in on her with a real phone call.. and she was shocked.. I also looked people in the eye at shoprite.. and talked to a real human in the line at Dunkin Donuts GASP!!!!! I also went out to coffee with a friend and had the best time catching with her.
THIS IS HUGE.. I can’t tell you how many times my little boy is telling me to get off my phone. I mean seriously whats more important… what Denise is doing in california or what steven is doing in my own home. I also try and enjoy the scenery when I am out and really enjoy people watching. I miss interacting with human beings. Its fun… I was at the gym with out my phone and hooked up with this amazing woman and we started doing pushups together. Now whats better than that???
So just thought I would share that with you… I think its really really hard to stay focused these days to just being present. Managing distractions is huge. I know for me this is literally one day at a time.. but I can’t bullshit myself anymore. I am hooked and I don’t want to be that way any-longer.
Thanks for listening … I hope you can identify with some of these feelings and if you can … just start making small little challenges for yourself… 4 hours and I don’t look at my phone .. or no phone when its family time. Find one goal you feel like you can accomplish and see how free you feel.


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