So I had a conversation with a client this morning about sticking to her diet and how she was struggling. I told her maybe what you need to do is get your mind right and get some hard rules.

  • Hard rules mean there is no wiggle room.
  • Hard rules means there is no negotiating with yourself.
  • Hard rules work because there is no grey area either you did it or you didn’t.

You guys know I am a huge fan for hard rules on everything I mean you tapped your knee on the lunge or you didn’t, you tapped your elbows to your knees on the squat or you didn’t, or you got your nose to the floor on that pushup or you didn’t. See hard rules are great and can push you outside your comfort zone no matter what you are doing.

Does any of this resonate with you? Do you feel you need some rules to push you to the next level in fitness and in life? If so share them with me better yet give me 3 hard rules you are going to follow for the next 30 days and see how you finally start seeing change.

Wanna hear mine? These are MY rules and they are a little nut-so so please don’t judge.

1. When I Workout…

There is no texting or looking at my phone,  changing songs, etc. or I have to do 20 pushups. This is a hard rule. why? because I start chasing stations: I LIKE THAT ARTIST. WHAT ELSE DO THEY HAVE?  LET ME LOOK UP THE LYRICS. SEE HOW MY BRAIN WORKS? DONT JUDGE!  All of that just derailed me from my form and my workout. Same with text I start texting and I lose focus on what I am currently doing which is working out and if you do touch your phone I have to do 20 pushups. That will teach me!

2. Eat Dinner And Food Is Done Kitchen Is Closed For Night

I don’t have a firm time, but its usually between 4-6 pm. That means I am done no food until 3:45- 4:30 am the next day which is when I get up. I just like this rule because the cabinet opening can be a slippery slope. When Im done Im done get the F*** out NOW. Run forest run!

3. Water and vitamins in the morning before I eat.

Don’t do it later do it now. I also set up my pre-workout water bottle for the next day. This way again it’s done and I am good to go at 4 am. No excuses and no putzing around.

4. After I make coffee I always setup coffee maker for the next day!

My prep has to be spot on especially in the morning.

5. When I food shop, I always cook food as I get stuff out of bags because If not it won’t get done.

I never put turkey meat away it goes from the bag to the stove. Thats everything turkey, eggs, chicken, baked potatoes, steaming corn,  etc. CAR | KITCHEN | STOVE … not doing it later.  First of all the room in my fridge is limited and second of all you have to do it sooner or later so get it done NOW!

6. Podcast everyday as I get ready.

I have my iPod in my bathroom. As I brush my teeth I am listen to something motivational My favorite are Evan Carmiachels, top ten rules for success. I also listen to ET, Tom Bilyeu, Dave Googins and many other greats.

7. No alcohol ever!

This rule changed my life as you all know. I cant do anything just a little. Plus managing that shit is hard. Its like managing M&M’s I just don’t go there. I will want more and be lead to temptation sooner or later.

8. Workout weekly

I do 4 days body parts, 2-3 days bootcamp style trainings. These are scheduled every week and on my calendar like a doctors appointments, the workout, the rest periods, every second of training is accounted for.

9. Every Sunday I journal MY WLAG’s  wins losses aha’s and goals!

This is key I do this because I have a coach and she keeps me accountable to progress. Without growth in my life I stay stagnant. I hate staying the same. See this blog is on there every week and the shit is getting done. If you want me to coach you on getting YOUR shit done and keeping you accountable.. Hit me up! I got u!

10. Read 30 mins three times a week

I miss reading and I need to do more of it. I am currently reading. How to Unfuck Yourself figures right?

ok so thats it for me these are just some of my crazy rules, but they work thats why I put them in place. They are not easy, but the work. If I see any of you looking at your phone at the gym. You know I’m coming for ya!

Let me know what hard rules you can start implementing this week. I am all ears.

Keeping it real
– Yvette Salva –


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