So as I was talking to one of my nutrition  clients this week we got to discussing her eating habits and it became very clear to me that NO food plan I come up with for her was going to help her because it really didn’t have anything to do with her food plan as much as it had to do with her habits.

After talking with her for a while we categorized these habits. After we did that there was a an Aha moment that this is what almost all of us struggle with. I am going to give them 4 titles: fuel, joy, fog, storm.


Eating to fuel your body so you feel good have energy and have all the nutrients necessary for you to function at optimal levels. This is where I try and live 90 % of the time. This is where I am now mostly fruits veggies lean meats. I recently (for the past 3 months) have given up gluten and dairy and it really has helped me a lot! For me its not about any other reason than feeling good. Its not for weight loss just I feel so much better with out it. This is a HUGE one. If you are not eating the proper foods, NO matter how much you try and control calories exercise macros fat points etc. YOUR BODY WILL NOT WORK AT OPTIMAL LEVELS! THIS IS HUGE!


Eating for pure joy this is where I try and eat 10% of the time. I will have that special treat and savor every bite. For me pure bliss is real peanut butter not the powder kind. JIFF is my absolute favorite. But when when I don’t eat the real you know me I love the PB2.


This is when you are eating a bag of chips and you get to the bottom of the bag and you go Holy guacamole I ate the whole thing! This is a habit I used to struggle with and I think a lot of people who struggle with weight loss are at. They are not aware of how much they are actually consuming. They are not eating for hunger, but just keep eating in a fog. Think about this one. This is the one that gets us all into trouble. Eating a full bucket of popcorn at the movies in a fog. Eating those chips at the party in a fog.  Eating the Girl Scout sleeve of cookies in a fog. I share with you all these examples because these are things I have struggled with for years.


This is binge eating I call this storm eating because man its literally like a storm. Its like you are in another planet. You can’t stop you are in the food and you are totally checked out. I lived there for 30 plus years NOT ONLY WILL STORM EATING KEEP YOU STUCK YOU WILL BE FILLED WITH SHAME REMORSE AND GUILT I CAN IDENTIFY WITH THIS ONE 100%.

When I was speaking with my client we devised a plan for fog and storm eating. If you are struggling with your weight and I am not talking about a person who has to lose 10, but more like 30 plus pounds it was probably a culmination of joy, fog, and storm that got you to where you are today. Having a plan to help you cope and manage your feelings around food and then being accountable to someone. yes someone besides yourself  is truly where you can change. This is what I absolutely love doing. Because it truly is life changing its not about looking better in pictures, buying smaller clothes, or being able to where a bikini as much as it is about being courageous strong and feeling like you accomplished something you never thought you could!

As many of you know I have had many addictions, but I can honestly say nothing and I mean nothing has been more impactful then getting my food in order. See with alcohol or drugs you can just stop you never have to touch it again, but food you have to manage. You have to eat every day now that is hard. If you feel like you are struggling in any way just reach out remember it doesn’t have to be this way and you can do this.

You just need the courage to ask for help and then once you ask for help stay committed to the process! That means through birthdays, holidays, parties, and vacations. I am here lets get out of the fog and storms and into the sunlight!

I want to send out a huge shout out to a nutrition and training client who lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks! Yup she followed through and pressed reset every time she had a little cheat and shared it with me. That is the big part and she got it done. She exercised 5 days a week and 2 of those days with one of my trainers Sandy. She reported her food and followed through on her daily plan and succeeded. Go Kathy it truly does work. Hit me up if your ready for a change!

Keeping it real
– Yvette Salva –


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