I want to talk to you about planning. If there is one key ingredient to successful weight loss or truly any goal you want in life its planning.

Can I get a YES! As a nutrition coach a lot of women come to me and the first thing they want is for me to give them a meal plan and an exercise plan. What has dawned on me recently is that those who have truly been successful have come up with their own plans. I tell people sure I can give you that, but honestly all of that is free online wouldn’t it be more practical to work on an EXECUTION PLAN!

What I do a lot of now is teaching my clients that planning and being able to craft a plan that works for them is the ultimate key to their weight loss success. Because listen what works for me may not work for you.

Planning changes everything

Seriously it will, in the way you think about food and in the way you think about working out. It teaches you how to show up for yourself. It just gives you so much. I really want to go over what you need in a plan, when do you do it, and what you need to be thinking about.

So here are the steps for designing amazing plan that will actually work


Ask yourself this what do I know I can put on this calendar that without a shadow of a doubt I could get it done? Look at your week and put things on the plan you know you want done and that you will actually do. Plan the entire week. After that there is no planning, there no trying to decide when to workout, what to eat because all that is exhausting. Your thoughts should be. I m making decisions for myself ahead of time. There is no fucking reason why I cant follow this. I can do hard things! I’ve got my own back!

Not trying to make decisions in the moment is KEY. For me its Sunday. I sit down and I figure out everything. My workouts, food, prep, shopping etc and I always ask myself this. What do I want to accomplish this week?

  • Lose 2lbs
  • Add more strength
  • Practice pull ups
  • Etc…

Have it in the forefront and make your plan based on that. A lot of times for me its to just stick to the plan and not let myself go with what is comfortable at that time. I write this at the top of my plan because truth is Sunday, Yvette might be jacked up and Thursday Yvette might be tired and wants a skip the workout or have a late night snack. Can you relate? Keeping my plan and looking at it daily gets you in the right mindset.

So put up that calendar or spreadsheet somewhere you can SEE IT! It’s going to help you avoid short term fixes because you’ve got your long term vision well thought of and well laid out. Also remember this things wont always fall perfectly like you laid out every week but I promise you that if you think ahead and you visualize what a successful weight loss week looks like for you, when changes happen, it’s so much easier to roll with the punches versus having some loosey-goosey idea in your head of how the week should go and what your results should be, and you’re just reacting all week long. This takes reaction out. This is you taking control of your life. I got this, I can do hard things! And I decide AHEAD OF TIME!


Using a journal it is time to recap the week. This is key ask yourself, “Did I do all these things?” and you check it off. If you didn’t ask yourself, “Why didn’t I? What happened? Why am I not fulfilling these things on my calendar?” What I ask my clients to do is to list all the excuses they have, because most of the time, I’m just going to be honest, when we’re not following our plan, we are jack loaded with excuses. It has a lot more to do with that than it has anything to do with actual, “I went to the emergency room,” Most of the time what we have is stuff like “I just didn’t feel like it.” “I had to work late.” “By the time I got home, I didn’t want to pack my lunches” blah blah blah….

Then that turns into two or three days of not doing our plan. List all of your excuses and then go through and look at them and then decide “Do I like my excuses?” If you don’t like your excuses, you know you have to work harder on your commitment and you need to work a little bit more on planning realistically. That’s the other part that I would do is I would start asking myself things like, “Am I still trying to plan too much?” Maybe you’re not planning enough. Who knows? listen to your gut. When we decide that we’re going to tell the truth we will. You’ll feel it in you. You’ll know if you’re just coming up with excuses, If you’re falling into old habits.

I hope this makes sense because you see weight loss is a mind game. Its not about getting your diet right as much as it is about getting your mind right. when you get your mind right then you make the right decisions so crazy how that works!

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So those are my 2 main things I have my coaching clients do and they have worked for everyone who follows through. Simple yes, but not easy. The thing is you just keep going you set it up review and rewrite the plan. Planning just allows you to show up for yourself. That is such a powerful skill to get the weight off being able to say ”I don’t break promises to myself, I show up, so I plan ways that I can show up.” That’s your best weight loss tool, in my opinion. This has worked for me in all my habits I have tried to change food exercise and drinking.

So keep me posted on how you are doing. And of course if you want to start the coaching process with me to help you stay accountable and work through this process.  Send me an email I would love to help.


Keeping it real 
– Yvette Salva –


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